Dec. 29, 2011 - Arthur42 releases album cites Moore as "primary influence"

Arthur Hatton, also known as arthur42 on The Mooreatorium Forum, released his first full-length album last month and cited Kevin Moore as his "primary influence" in an interview with Linescratchers, a music blog he created in 2008 about musicians who are Latter-day Saints.  In the Q&A, the Georgia-based singer-songwriter discussed his nine-track album, titled Odes, and said that Moore's songs helped open his mind to new possibilities in music.


"This might surprise people who know what Kevin’s music sounds like because I don’t know that it really sounds anything like mine," Hatton said.  "But Kevin Moore really stretched the boundaries of what I thought was possible with music, giving up a semi-famous life in a semi-famous band (Dream Theater) to really explore himself and his own music.  I really wish I could say more about him in a short interview, but suffice to say he’s the inspiration behind a lot of what I’ve composed.  I covered one of his songs [Chroma Key's 'Colorblind'] live with my two siblings not too long ago (it’s my favorite song in the world)."


To listen to and download Hatton's album, click here:

To read Hatton's interview, click here:


Dec. 19, 2011 - Brian Slagel says OSI4 news "coming very soon"

Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel posted on Twitter today a series of OSI-related tweets telling fans that band members Kevin Moore and Jim Matheos were visiting the company's offices in Agoura Hills, California, and that details on the release of OSI's upcoming fourth studio album are "coming very soon." 


"O.S.I. @metalblade office today!" Slagel wrote in the first tweet.  His subsequent tweets read: "Great meeting with O.S.I today! @kevnmoore" and "New OSI album release details coming very soon! Also look for some video updates on @metalblade tv coming soon too! @kevnmoore."


To view Brian Slagel's Twitter page, click here:


Dec. 14, 2011 - Rare official fanzines give insight into DT's "6:00"

Michael R. Ebert, known as Mebert78 on The Mooreatorium Forum, secured rare copies of the four official fanzines printed during Dream Theater's Kevin Moore era earlier this month in an online sale.  Some of the most notable Moore-related tidbits came in an interview with guitarist John Petrucci and vocalist James LaBrie that appeared in a fanzine released shortly after Moore's departure from the band in 1994.  In the interview, the duo discussed in depth the song "6:00," which was penned by Moore for the Awake album.


"It was one that Kev wrote," Petrucci said in the interview, which was conducted in London on Aug. 23, 1994.  "He pretty much wrote the whole thing. We fucked around with the choruses a bit and the ending of the song, but the majority of the arrangement and all the parts, Kev wrote."


LaBrie offered his interpretation of the lyrics: "If you don't take life by the reins and chase after something you love and need to do to carry on, then life will just pass you by."  He added: "The way it starts out, it's 6:00 and this guy doesn't want to get up because he has to go to work... He finds himself outside of work, sitting in his car, he can't get out of the car to go into work 'cause he just does not want to do this anymore."


The song's "6:00 on a Christmas morning" sample originated from James Joyce's 1914 short story, "The Dead."  Of that story's connection to the song, Petrucci said: "There was this conflict with the character, getting up for Christmas and sort of losing the meaning and interest of it."


Nov. 9, 2011 - OSI4 to be released in February 2012

OSI guitarist Jim Matheos said in an interview posted this week by Rocknotes Webzine that the band's upcoming fourth studio album will be released in February 2012.  The album was previously slated for a January release, according to a Twitter comment in June made by Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel.


"We just finished the OSI record and that comes out in February next year," Matheos said in the interview. "And then Fates [Warning] will probably do some dates early next year and then we'll buckle down and work on the record for the rest of the year."


To read the full interview, click here:


Oct. 25, 2011 - Moore joins forces with Chaos Venture

Chaos Venture, a progressive psychedelic rock band based in Italy, announced on Facebook and Twitter today that the group is collaborating with Moore on an upcoming song called "Abduction."  "It has really been an honor to work with such an amazing artist and person," the band said in the announcement.  "The whole band wishes to thank Kevin for the work he did and for the time and dedication he put in."


In an email to The Mooreatorium, keyboardist and songwriter Christian Casini, also known as chaosventure on The Mooreatorium Forum, said that more details about the song and its release date would be released "as soon as possible."


For more information on Chaos Venture, visit the band's official website:


Oct. 6, 2011 - Interview with Erdem Helvacioglu

Erdem Helvaciolgu, who plays guitar on the song "White Robe" from Chroma Key's 2004 album Graveyard Mountain Home, recently spoke to The Mooreatorium about his contribution to the track and working with Moore.  The Turkish musician also discussed his previous projects and solo work.

To read the interview, click here: Interview with Erdem Helvacioglu - (Oct. 6, 2011)


Oct. 2, 2011 - OSI4 mastering completed, track titles created

Moore posted an update on Facebook and Twitter today announcing that the mastering process has been completed for OSI's upcoming fourth studio album, which is slated for release in January.  The band has also selected track titles and an album title, but Moore noted that all titles are still subject to change.


"OSI4 was mastered last week," Moore said in the update.  "We have track names but change them when we drink, and will probably keep that up until someone important gets impatient.  Same goes for the album title.  Need to get the artwork done over the next couple of weeks."


Sept. 2, 2011 - Moore, Matheos putting "final touches" on OSI album

Moore announced on Facebook and Twitter today that he and OSI guitarist Jim Matheos are returning this weekend to Sound Farm recording studio in Iowa to put the "final touches" on the band's fourth studio album, which is slated for release in January.


"Jim and I will be back at Sound Farm this weekend putting the final touches on the OSI4 mixes," Moore said in the announcement.  "I'll be posting updates from the studio."


Aug. 31, 2011 - ZeppelinDT, sknowbird share old DT articles featuring Moore

Chris Lund and Phil Harwood, respectively known as ZeppelinDT and sknowbird on The Mooreatorium Forum, recently provided the website with a series of old newspaper and magazine articles from Dream Theater's early days that include mentions or photographs of Moore.  The writeups span publications located throughout the United States ranging from Metal Edge magazine to The UMW Post in Milwaukee to Kerrang!, the world's biggest selling weekly rock magazine.

The oldest piece, which was passed along by Lund, is a feature story from Dream Theater's Majesty era that was published in The Complete Music Classifieds Magazine for NY/NJ in April 1987.


To read the articles, click here:


Aug. 13, 2011 - Worldengine shares cover of OSI's "Communicant"

Worldengine, a post-progressive rock band based in Brazil, posted a cover song on today of OSI's 2006 tune, "Communicant."  The band is comprised of Valmor José Pedretti Jr., also known as worldengine on The Mooreatorium Forum, on drums and guitars, Andrio Maquenzi on acoustic and electric guitars, and Brenno Di Napoli on bass.  The song was mixed by Thiago Grün.


"I was listening to Free's bonus disc, and when this track came in, I immediately tried to imagine turning all those synths into guitars and bass," Pedretti said in an email to The Mooreatorium.  "So we did it as a power trio of sorts and I used plugins to process the instruments and give them an eletronica edge."


The band earlier this year also covered OSI's 2003 song, "Head."  Moore later posted about that effort on his Twitter account in March calling it a "nice cover of 'Head' (OSI) by Worldengine.


To hear the track, click here:


July 28, 2011 - OSI mixing complete; tweaks and clips to come

Moore announced on Twitter and Facebook today that he and OSI guitarist Jim Matheos have completed mixing for the band's upcoming fourth studio album, which is slated for release in January.  In the message, Moore named the recording studio as Sound Farm in Jamaica, Iowa, and also revealed that the audio engineer currently  working with the band is Matt Sepanic.


"We want to make a few minor tweaks to the mixes, so we'll be back there soon for a few days with Matt to finalize everything," Moore wrote.  "Meanwhile we're actually still finishing writing/recording one last song. We are still on track for a January release."


In addition, Moore said that he plans to continue to post photos, videos and possibly some audio clips on his Twitter and Facebook accounts in the months leading up to the album's release date.


July 25, 2011 - Video of Moore, Matheos performing "Graveyard Mountain Home"
Moore posted a 37-second video on Facebook tonight of himself and OSI guitarist Jim Matheos performing Chroma Key's 2004 title track on a pair of acoustic guitars.  The clip, titled "Graveyard Mountain Home for beginners," represents the first time most fans have seen Moore perform a Chroma Key or OSI song – except for a small number of fans that attended his solo show at Balo Stage in Istanbul in 2007.


To view the video, click here:

July 24, 2011 - New OSI song featured in Facebook video

Moore posted a two-minute video on Facebook  this afternoon that features him sitting in a studio with what seems to sound like a new OSI tune playing in the background.  The atmospheric song includes vocals from Moore with lyrical phrases such as "headlights on the highway" and "no one turns them off like you do."


The video is titled "How to Mix a Record!" and also includes the description: "You will need: 8-1/2" x 11-3/4" yellow legal pad, Sennheiser HD-280 headphones, comfortable shorts, Pro Tools for Kids, a post-it note, someone to film you."  Moore can be seen wearing headphones and  jotting notes on a legal pad.
To view the video, click here:


July 18, 2011 - Moore posts photos from the studio

Moore has posted a series of pictures on his Twitter account the past week that feature himself and OSI guitarist Jim Matheos during the mixing process for the band's upcoming fourth studio album, which is slated to be released in January.  Two photos showed Moore seated at a computer, while multiple other pics and one 23-second video showed Matheos playing an acoustic guitar.


Another post from Moore two days ago said "3.5 songs mixed so far" and a post from last night said "Gavin is rocking the control room (in spirit)," referring to OSI drummer Gavin Harrison.  The tweets are coming from a recording studio that Moore previously said is located on a farm in Iowa. 


The photos are the first that fans have seen of Moore since the release of OSI's Blood album in 2009.


To view Moore's Twitter account, click here:


July 13, 2011 - In Progress begins mixing, shares remix

In Progress announced on Facebook today that the last song has been sent for mixing from its forthcoming North Atlantic Echoes EP, which features Kevin Moore on three tracks.  Band member John Dillon told The Mooreatorium that the process is expected to take about six weeks and the band will also likely use to facilitate funding for a CD version.


In other news, Dillon is exclusively providing The Mooreatorium with a remix of the EP's upcoming single, "Chasing Ghosts," a track on which Kevin Moore contributed drum programming, additional textures, the piano during the bridge, and background vocals.  The remix will be available in a streaming format on the forum for the next few days.


"It's minus my lead vocal track, but you can really hear all the stuff Kevin is doing," Dillon said of the remix.


To hear more music from In Progress, click here:


July 5, 2011 - Moore takes road trip to Iowa, wraps vocals for OSI4

Kevin Moore tweeted up a storm this past week and posted random photos from a car window that gave fans the impression he was on some sort of road trip.  Today, we learned the destination of that trip when he revealed that he is currently finishing up vocals and programming for OSI's upcoming fourth studio album in Des Moines, Iowa.  The album's mixing is slated to begin at a farm in Des Moines on Tuesday, July 12. 


"Keep it down, america.  i'm trying to record vocals here," he tweeted.  "Mixing the new OSI starting 7/12 on a farm near Des Moines, IA.  I'm now finishing up vocals/programming in a hotel I don't know where."


While in Des Moines, Moore also said he checked out "some real bands" at the 80/35 Music Festival and posted a link to the website of Iowa-based indie rock band, The Envy Corps:


July 1, 2011 - Interview with Alessandro Falca

Alessandro Falca, the Sweden-based graphic designer best known among Kevin Moore fans as the artist behind Moore's 2010 album Shine, recently spoke with The Mooreatorium about his work on Shine and how the opportunity came about.  In the interview, Falca also discusses the symbolism behind the artwork as well as his contributions to In Progress's upcoming North Atlantic Echoes EP, which includes backup vocals and production by Moore. 


To read the interviews, click here: Interview with Alessandro Falca - (July 1, 2011)


June 22, 2011 - Moore posts mysterious note on Facebook

Moore posted a mysterious note on Facebook earlier today that left fans wondering whether the text might be lyrics taken from OSI's upcoming fourth studio album, which is slated for release in January.  The note, titled "ghost writ," is broken into two stanzas and ends with an apparent source credit: "Big Dead Ned (1857)."  The text is as follows:


"i'm hacking my bible, burning my journal
cooking for one at the too big to fail jail
hobo amp stack, technical insult
washing my hands at the toothbrush urinal

i’m growin my hair in, burning the flap jacks
thinning the mix till I win at the race track
bathtub broke so I filled it with mouse traps
let's get dark out, who let the cat back

-Big Dead Ned (1857)"


To view the note, log into Facebook and click here:


June 15, 2011 - OSI's fourth album set for January release
Brian Slagel, the founder and CEO of Metal Blade Records, revealed on Twitter today that OSI's fourth studio album will be released in January.  In the tweet, Slagel replied to a fan's question about the status of the upcoming album by saying: "Yes just set the release date yesterday. It will be out in January 2012."  It will be OSI's first album since signing with Metal Blade.


To view the tweet, click here:


May 29, 2011 - Forum members create The Mooreatorium Band

Three members of the The Mooreatorium Forum Amirabmass Amiri (virtueorvice), Trevor Keister (deadwingchromakey) and James Wyatt (justabaldguy) joined forces earlier this month to collaborate on a cover song of Kevin Moore's "Blusong," which appears on his 1999 limited-edition CD, This Is a Recording.  To create the cover, the trio which have dubbed themselves The Mooreatorium Band used to exchange work.  They debuted the tune during a listening party held for Moore's birthday on May 26.


"We've got some more projects in the works, both covers and originals," said Wyatt, who programmed the rhythm track and sang vocals.  Keister said the band hopes that "other talented musicians will join up with us to do covers and original work."


To visit the band's Reverbnation page, click here:


May 18, 2011 - Wiche, sknowbird plan listening party for Moore's birthday

Luis Rubio and Phil Harwood, respectively known as wiche and sknowbird on The Mooreatorium Forum, have announced plans to launch a Kevin Moore-themed radio station and chat room on May 26 in celebration of Moore's 44th birthday.  The 24-hour station dubbed WKMO will include Moore's songs from his days with Dream Theater, Chroma Key and OSI.


"All Moore fans are invited to join in on the celebration worldwide," they said yesterday in a Facebook post"Chat room and station are both free.  Moore fan admiration is priceless."


To visit the chat room, click here:

 To visit the radio station, click here:

 For a troubleshooting tutorial, click here:


April 26, 2011 - Wiche creates video for Tushar's "Periscope"

Luis Rubio, also known as wiche on The Mooreatorium Forum, posted a video on YouTube today that he created for Steve Tushar's 2008 song, "Periscope," which features Kevin Moore on vocals.  Before creating the video, Rubio said he and Phil Harwood known as sknowbird on the forum reached out to Tushar via email to seek his permission. The fan video becomes the first posted online to accompany a tune by Tushar.


To view the video, click here:


April 23, 2011 - Florida fan remixes OSI's "Go"

Jon Zweifel, a Florida-based musician and an admitted newbie to Kevin Moore's music, posted a remix on YouTube earlier this week of OSI's 2006 song, "Go."  The song by Zweifel who said he changes his artist name almost every time he does a remix – is the first fan remix of an OSI song posted online since the band formed in 2003.


"As far as Kevin Moore and OSI go, I actually just heard that song about a week ago and really liked it so I decided to do a remix," Zweifel said in an email to The Mooreatorium.  "I haven't heard any of his other music yet, but I will be looking some of it up for sure."


To hear the remix, click here:


April 19, 2011 - Justabaldguy covers Chroma Key's "Watercolor"

James Wyatt, also known as justabaldguy on The Mooreatorium Forum, posted a cover song on YouTube today of Chroma Key's "Watercolor," which appeared on Kevin Moore's 1996 demo cassette and also on the 2000 limited-edition CD, This Is a Recording.  The tune – which is the oldest Chroma Key song covered by a fan and posted online features a vocal sample spoken by Phil Harwood, also known as sknowbird on the forum.


To hear the cover song, click here:


April 1, 2011 - Interview with Steve Tushar

Steve Tushar, a Latin Grammy-nominated music producer and musician, recently spoke with The Mooreatorium about his work with Kevin Moore in the late 1990s most notably Chroma Key's You Go Now album.  In the interview, Tushar also recalls collaborating with Moore on industrial music projects ranging from Carbon 12 to a Metallica tribute album and chats about his work remixing tunes by bands including Fates Warning and Dream Theater.


To read the interview, click here: Interview with Steve Tushar - (April 1, 2011)


March 29, 2011 - Moore posts clip of new song on Twitter

Moore put his new Twitter account to use today by treating fans to a new video that includes a 23-second clip of an untitled song featuring him on vocals.  The accompanying footage focuses on a pigeon perched on a building window sill above a city street lined with cars.  No details were given on whether the tune is part of OSI's upcoming fourth studio album.


To view the video, click here:


March 22, 2011 - Moore collaborates on songs with In Progress

Experimental rockers In Progress announced on Facebook today that Moore has collaborated with the band on three songs slated to appear on its forthcoming EP, North Athlantic Echoes.  The collaboration materialized last year when In Progress's keyboardist Jake Rosenberg – who is among the fans credited in Moore's Shine album – reached out to Moore through his Kickstarter webpage and proposed the idea.  Moore's contributions to the three songs include drum programming, backup vocals and additional production.


"We are still doing final tracking on the EP, but are looking to have it completely wrapped, mixed, and mastered by mid-July," band member John Dillon told The Mooreatorium.  "We intend to do a small physical run of copies once we have material/art finalized."


The band's debut album, titled Signal Failure, was released in December and features Mark Zonder on drums.  Zonder is the former drummer for Fates Warning and also worked with Moore on Chroma Key's 1998 debut album, Dead Air for Radios.  


To hear an unmastered version of In Progress's upcoming single, "Chasing Ghosts,"

featuring Moore, click here:


March 20, 2011 - Moore creates Facebook, Twitter pages; Harrison drums on OSI4

Moore announced on today the creation of Facebook and Twitter pages that will be used to keep fans updated on his various projects.  He also said that Gavin Harrison, who played on OSI's 2009 album Blood, will drum on the band's upcoming fourth studio album and has already completed his work on a handful of songs.


"Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree has just laid down drum tracks on a handful of new OSI songs," Moore wrote.  "Jim Matheos and I continue to write and record material for the fourth OSI album, our first with Metal Blade Records.  Mixing is slated for June 2011."


To view the Facebook page, click here:

To view the Twitter page, click here:


Feb. 21, 2011 - OSI album pushed back to late 2011

Brian Slagel, the chairman and CEO of Metal Blade Records, told The Mooreatorium today via a Twitter response that the release date for OSI's upcoming fourth studio album is now scheduled for late 2011.  Metal Blade initially projected a release date of late 2010 last summer when the record label announced it had signed OSI to its roster of artists.


"Well, Jim is finishing the Arch/Matheos first," said Slagel, referring to guitarist Jim Matheos' new project with former Fates Warning vocalist John Arch.  "Then I hope he starts work on the next OSI.  Hoping to have it out by the end of this year..."


Feb. 10, 2011 - New webpage sells Shine CDs, downloads and posters

Moore announced on today that he has launched a new webpage for fans to purchase Shine – the soundtrack he made for the 2006 Turkish film, "Küçük Kiyamet."  At the page, fans can order a signed CD and digital download for $20, or a signed CD, digital download and poster for$30.  Worldwide shipping is already included in prices.


"The page is very bare-bones for now but I'll be adding audio and video content in the future," Moore said in the announcement.  "Please pass it on!"


To visit the webpage, click here:


Feb. 8, 2011 - DT symphony prepares for 2011 release

Symphonic Theater of Dreams, a Poland-based orchestral project that covers the music of Dream Theater, is currently in the studio and preparing for a debut release later this year.  The symphony – created by 21-year-old composer and conductor Michał Mierzejewski – selected its track list last year based on online voting done on various Dream Theater fan forums.  Kevin Moore-era songs to appear are "Ytse Jam" and "Wait for Sleep."


"Recording symphonic covers will take a lot of time in the studio with 25-50 musicians," Mierzejewski said.  He encourages fans interested in helping to visit the symphony blog.


To learn more about the symphony or hear teaser clips, click here:


Jan. 30, 2011 - DT radio interview with Moore from 1993

A Dream Theater fan from Norway posted a radio interview from 1993 on YouTube today that features the band promoting its Images and Words album and performing "Wait for Sleep" and "To Live Forever."  The interview – which aired on WRZX 103.3 FM in Indianapolis on July 6, 1993 – becomes the earliest interview to feature Moore currently available online.


To hear parts one and two of the interview, click here:

 To hear part three of the interview, click here:

 To hear parts four and five of the interview, click here:


Jan. 24, 2011 - "Space-Dye Vest" performance posted on YouTube

Dream Theater members performed the band's song "Space-Dye Vest" last night for the first time since it was written by Kevin Moore for the band's Awake album in 1994.  The song – which is Moore's best-known tune – was played as a duet by keyboardist Jordan Rudess and vocalist James LaBrie at a Jordan Rudess & Friends show in Tarrytown, New York.


When introducing the tune, LaBrie said that "Space-Dye Vest" was Kevin's "swan song" and also praised Moore for his creativity.  "I have the utmost respect for Kevin, and I think he's incredibly talented," LaBrie said.  "This was the last song he did with us, and I think appropriately so it was very different from anything that we were doing."


To view the performance, click here:


Jan. 21, 2011 - Rudess, LaBrie to perform "Space-Dye Vest"

Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess confirmed on Twitter earlier today that he and the band's vocalist James LaBrie will be performing "Space-Dye Vest" at a Jordan Rudess & Friends solo show this Sunday in Tarrytown, New York.  This will mark the first time that members of Dream Theater have performed the tune since Kevin Moore penned it for the band's 1994 Awake album.  It ultimately became his most well-known song.


In the Twitter posting, Rudess wrote: "The secret is out!  Pirate James Labrie and I will be include Space Dye Vest on Sunday, January Tarrytown NY."


Jan. 20, 2011 - Fans share videos, cover song and mash-up

Three forum members have recently completed video and audio pieces that were inspired by Moore's music.  Most recently, Luis Rubio – known as wiche on The Mooreatorium Forum – created high-definition fan videos to two songs from Chroma Key's Graveyard Mountain Home album: "Come In, Over" and "Again Today."  Meanwhile,  Valmor Pedretti, Jr. – known as worldengine on The Mooreatorium Forum – last week shared his band's take on OSI's "Head."  It becomes the first full-band cover of an OSI song online.


Earlier this winter, James Wyatt – known as justabaldguy on The Mooreatorium Forum – created a mash-up tribute video using songs and photos spanning Moore's careeer.


To view the video for "Come In, Over," click here:

To view the video for "Again Today," click here:

To hear "Head," click here:

To view the mash-up tribute video, click here:


Jan. 6, 2011 - Interview with Bill Totolo

Bill Totolo, a Los Angeles-based photographer that has worked with musicians ranging from Lady Gaga to Weezer, recently spoke to The Mooreatorium about attending high school with Dream Theater founding members Kevin Moore, John Myung and John Petrucci.  In the interview, Totolo also recalls the fun of watching his former classmates rise to fame in the 1990s.


To read the interview, click here: Interview with Bill Totolo - (Jan. 1, 2011)