Dec. 8, 2009 - Makine releases music video

Turkish industrial rock band Makine has posted a video for the song, "Üzgün," which is the first single from the band's upcoming debut album.  In an email to The Mooreatorium, the band's drummer Ozan Inam confirmed that the album is slated for release next month.  In 2007, Makine worked with Kevin Moore on pre-production for the album in Izmir, Turkey.
The view the band's new video, click here:


Nov. 13, 2009 - Publication date announced for "Lifting Shadows"

A publication date of Nov. 30, 2010, has been announced for "Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater."  According to the "Lifting Shadows" website, the books are now being printed and "they'll be sent out from our warehouse in the days immediately after the publication date.  The delivery time will vary depending on where you are in the world, but you should receive your order in plenty of time for Christmas."
To purchase the book, click here:


Nov. 3, 2009 - Videos added for "Camera 4" and "Hell Mary"

The Mooreatorium has just linked videos that Kevin Moore once made for the songs "Camera 4" and "Hell Mary," which both appear on Chroma Key's 1998 debut album, Dead Air For Radios.  The two videos were temporarily available for download on the Chroma Key website in 2002. 
In addition, a humorous documentary called "Octember Revolution," which Moore filmed during his brief studies at California Institute of the Arts, has also been uploaded.
To view the "Camera 4" video, click here:

To view the "Hell Mary" video, click here:

To view the "Octember Revolution" video, click here:


Oct. 2, 2009 - Interview with Mark Zonder

Mark Zonder, former drummer for Fates Warning and drummer on Chroma Key's 1998 debut album Dead Air For Radios, recently spoke with The Mooreatorium about his career in the music industry and working with Kevin Moore in the mid 1990s.  In the interview, Zonder discusses rehearsing with Moore in a darkened room and whether he would record with Fates Warning in the future.
To read the interview, click here: Interview with Mark Zonder (Oct. 2, 2009)


Sept. 21, 2009 - Mike Portnoy talks about Moore

The rock website Metal Hammer recently posted an article in which Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy claims that Dream Theater would have broken up "many, many years ago" if Kevin Moore had not left the band in 1994.  The quotes are taken from the forthcoming second edition of "Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater."
To read the article, click here:


Aug. 24, 2009 - DT bio available for pre-order

Rich Wilson, the author of "Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater," has launched a new website to market the book and announced that the fully revised and updated version of the book is available for pre-order.  According to the website, the new book "brings the Dream Theater story bang up-to-date" and includes extensive details on the band's side projects.  It also desribes the band's early days with Kevin Moore.
To view the website and pre-order the book, click here:


Aug. 19, 2009 - "Space-Dye Vest" voted Moore's greatest song

The Mooreatorium Forum recently completed a tournament to determine Kevin Moore's all-time greatest song as voted by fans.  To find the song, the three-part tournament first polled fans on Kevin's top Dream Theater, Chroma Key and OSI songs.  Once those choices were finalized, a second and third poll pitted those songs against each other to find Kevin's greatest song.
With the two-week tournament now complete, the fans' choice for Kevin's greatest song is Dream Theater's 1994 song, "Space Dye Vest."  Chroma Key's "On The Page" was second.


July 10, 2009 - Interview with Tim Bowness

Tim Bowness, a singer-songwriter best known for his work with the band No-Man, recently spoke with The Mooreatorium about working with OSI on the song, "No Celebrations."  The hard-driving metal song appears on the bonus disc of OSI's Blood album and features Bowness on vocal duties.
To read the interview, click here: Interview with Tim Bowness (July 10, 2009)


July 8, 2009 - OSI t-shirts on sale

The first official OSI t-shirt is now on sale through Burning Shed.  The shirt is charcoal grey in a vintage style with the large white OSI logo on the front.  Sizes are available in a girl's medium, men's medium, men's large, men's x-large and men's xx-large.  Since the vintage fit is tight, Burning Shed advises fans to order a size above the one they would normally choose.
To order the new OSI t-shirt, visit:


June 25, 2009 - DT author writes "open letter" to Moore

Rich Wilson, author of the 2007 book, "Lifting Shadows: The Authorized Biography of Dream Theater," posted an open letter to Kevin this week on his blog, Rich Wilson's Random Musings.  In the letter, Wilson said he is putting the finishing touches on the book's second edition and offered to make a donation to Kevin's charity of choice if he agrees to an interview on the band's early days.
In an email to The Mooreatorum, Wilson said: "I have to say the offer of a donation to a charity wasn't really an attempt to be devious and try and pressure Kevin into doing an interview.  It was just meant as a small incentive for him and has been mis-interpreted on some forums already."
The read the letter, click here:


June 19, 2009 - Moore interview with Nonelouder

After a barrage of interviews last month in support of Blood, Kevin recently sat down for his first interview of June with the rock website Nonelouder.  In the interview, he reveals that his favorite song on the album is "Be The Hero" and how he waits to see if Jim Matheos will get "pissed off" at him for messing with song ideas that they exchange via email.  He said he is also considering a less-programmed band with a raw sound for his next project. 

To read the interview, click here:


May 30, 2009 - Moore death rumors disproven

Earlier this week, online rumors had surfaced that Kevin had been stabbed while celebrating his birthday at a bar in Istanbul, Turkey, and later died at a hospital.  The rumors started when an unidentified person posted the information on Kevin's Wikipedia page, which led to a series of discussions on various Yahoo and Facebook threads and message boards. 
After some detective work, a handful of loyal "Kmo" fans have disproved the rumors.  Steve Tushar, who worked with Kevin on Chroma Key's You Go Now album, said: "He's alive and living in Florida.  Crazy what some people post...hehehe."

May 21, 2009 - Interview with Gavin Harrison

Gavin Harrison, the drummer on OSI's newly-released album Blood, was kind enough to speak with The Mooreatorium this week on his experience working with OSI.
To read the interview, click here: Interview with Gavin Harrison (May 21, 2009)


May 19, 2009 - Welcome to The Mooreatorium!

Welcome to the official launch of The Mooreatorium!  This website is intended to be an online community for fans to interact and stay updated on the work of Kevin Moore, the original keyboardist for the progressive metal band Dream Theater and the lead songwriter and vocalist for Chroma Key and OSI.
Those who follow Kevin's work know that he often remains in the shadows and infrequently updates his websites.  The Mooreatorium will keep tabs on Kevin's discography, interviews and latest news.  If you have something that we should add, please let us know!
Lastly, why the name The Mooreatorium?  Well, a "moratorium" is defined as a waiting period or suspension of activity.  This website will let "Kmo" fans take a break from life and talk some Moore.  Hence, "The Mooreatorium."