Jan. 27, 2019 - Moore posts YouTube video for CK demo, "Somewhere Better"

Kevin Moore has posted a 4:03 video on YouTube for "Somewhere Better," which is one of 14 demo songs released so far through the Chroma Key Patreon campaign.  The demo was originally shared with fans in September 2017. 

"Getting back on track uploading past demos to YouTube," Moore said in a post on Patreon.  "I just put 'Somewhere Better' up and added it to the playlist.  Please share!  And maybe even post a comment on YouTube..."

Moore previously said that the song is a "stretched out groove track that probably wouldn't have been out of place" on Chroma Key's 1998 album, Dead Air for Radios.

"I started messing around with recording guitar loops and riffs into Ableton Live," Moore previously said.  "I wanted to write something with a riff that just kept driving on, so it becomes kind of hypnotic (kind of like a Neu! track).  The main guitar part is just eighth notes on an A.  For the verses I added some Wurlitzer chord progressions to work a vocal melody over.  The washed-out synth pad that runs over the whole track is a Behringer DM12 polyphonic analogue synth."

The other Chroma Key demos that can be heard on YouTube are "Mission," "4-Track," "Bonewalk" and "Broke Antenna."  Those videos came after the keyboardist polled his Patreon patrons about making the demo releases available to stream online to help promote the new music, with an overwhelming majority of the voters in support of the idea.

To hear the streaming version of "Somewhere Better" on YouTube, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alKFgdvQLZI

Jan. 20, 2019 - Moore shares 14th CK demo, "Rain Hail Snow," on Patreon
Kevin Moore has posted a new 4:44 demo song, titled "Rain Hail Snow," through his Chroma Key Patreon campaign, which launched in 2015 and invited fans to pledge an amount of their choosing to help fund new music.  The song features session musicians on guitar, bass and drums from Fiverr, which is an online marketplace for freelance services. 

"Here at last is the completed version of "The Equality Complex," now called "Rain Hail Snow" (unless you have a better title?)," Moore said in a post on Patreon.  "I've added vocals and had session musicians track some guitar and drums.  The arrangement and mix have also changed.  Hope you like it!"

The tune is available in MP3, FLAC and M4A (Apple Lossless) formats with lyrics and patron names embedded in the files.  In addition, Moore said he is still planning to release a bonus track for Chroma Key Enablers ($5 pledgers), and multitrack stems and production notes for Chroma Key Collaborators ($10 pledgers).

To visit the Chroma Key Patreon page, click here: https://www.patreon.com/chromakey