Moore shares two bonus tracks through CK Patreon campaign

Feb. 9, 2017 -
Kevin Moore has given fans two bonus tracks in a 24-hour span.

The keyboardist shared a new bonus track, titled "I Got Nothing," as well as an instrumental version of last week's demo song, titled "4-Track," through his Chroma Key Patreon campaign.  The first tune, which is 2:02 in length, was recorded over a decade ago in Turkey.

"This time I thought I'd pick out something obscure from the archives...," Moore said of "I Got Nothing" in a post on Patreon.  "Here's an instrumental I recorded one afternoon for my friend Theron Patterson's radio show on Açık Radyo in Istanbul back in 2005.  It's a playful, stretched out groove that kind of goes along with this month's synth-groove theme."

As for the instrumental version of "4-Track," Moore said:
"Aside from being instrumental, the only other difference is I brought up the Rhodes part during Verses 3&4, since it roughly mimics the vocal part in that section."

Since launching the campaign, Moore has released three demo tracks and four bonus songs to fans.  The first song, titled "Mission," was posted in December 2015 and was the first music released by Moore under the Chroma Key name since 2004's Graveyard Mountain Home.  The second song, titled "Bonewalk," was posted in December 2016 and the third track, titled "4-Track," was posted last week.  The first two bonus tracks were instrumental versions of "Mission" and "Bonewalk," respectively.

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