Matheos talks about OSI, Moore in new interview with Noisefull

June 20, 2016 -
Fates Warning and OSI guitarist Jim Matheos briefly discussed OSI and Kevin Moore in a new interview with the music website Noisefull.

The interview, which was posted online last week, was in promotion of Fates Warning's upcoming album, Theories of Flight.  The album will be released through Inside Out Music on July 1.   

Regarding the status of OSI, Matheos said: "Kevin and I are both busy doing other things.  I believe Kevin is experimenting and working on some Chroma Key material right now, so who knows...  In the future I would love to do it and if it happens that's great, but there are no plans right now.  My main focus for at least the rest of this year and probably next year is going to be Fates Warning."

Regarding the possibility of performing Fates Warning's 1997 album A Pleasant Shade of Gray (which featured Moore on keyboards) in its entirety for its 20th anniversary, Matheos said: "I would definitely consider it last year, when we did the reissue, which was a lot of fun and that was pretty much celebrating the 20-year anniversary.  We talked about doing some live shows for it like we did for Parallels and Awaken The Guardian, but the logistics of it are very difficult with Mark [Zonder] being busy and Kevin being busy.  So to bring it over with that lineup would be very hard at this point, and I'm not sure I want to do it with a different lineup.  Unfortunately, I don't think that’s probably going to happen in the near future anyway."

Regarding the possibility of working again with Fates Warning's original vocalist John Arch, Matheos also mentioned Moore: "Well, I'd certainly love to, I love working with John as much as I love working with Kevin in OSI.  Those are things that I really enjoy doing because it gives me a chance to do something outside of Fates Warning and it allows me to collaborate with people who I really admire and like working with."

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