Eren Başbuğ posts cover version of song from Moore's Shine album

Feb. 6, 2015 - A cover version of a song from Kevin Moore's Shine album has been posted online by a musician who appeared on Dream Theater's two latest releases.

Eren Başbuğ, a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music who contributed his conducting and arrangement skills to Dream Theater's self-titled release in 2013 and Breaking the Fourth Wall live album and video in 2014, posted a video on YouTube earlier this week of himself covering "Sh," a track from Moore's 2010
album Shine.

The performance took place at Bronx Pi Sahne, a nightclub in Beyoglu, Turkey, and served as an intro song during a tour of Turkey by Ivory, an independent band in Izir, Turkey.  The band's members are Başbuğ (Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess), Alus Doğucan Güneş (Dreamforge, Epikriz), Ali Özen (Kanca, Disenchant), Doğuş Ünver (Epikriz) and Cihan Köseoğlu (Ocean Cloud).

Moore's Shine is the soundtrack to the 2006 Turkish film, "Küçük Kiyamet (The Little Apocalypse)," which tells the horrific tale of a Turkish family torn apart by an earthquake. 
In 2010, Moore announced a funding project to manufacture and release the soundtrack and fans exceeded the $3,000 benchmark in less than 24 hours, surpassing $10,000 overall.

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